Meet Our Staff



  • Occupation: Baker/Bakery Manager

  • Preoccupation: Photography

  • Proudest Accomplishment: Traveling the US for a year alone

  • Next Proudest Accomplishment: Following my heart to Wildflours instead of working for a corporate overlord

  • Time Saving Trick: Showers and laundry are for amateurs

  • Natural Habitat: The woods or bed with a good book and coffee

  • Does: Love dogs

  • Doesn't: Tolerate mean people

  • Must Have: A camera

  • True Story: I try to do something that scares me every day

  • Dream Job: I think I pretty much have it

  • Little Known Fact: My middle name is Mountain



  • Occupation: Muffin Slinger

  • Natural Habitat: Lakeside

  • Weirdest Craving: Pickle everything, even pickle-flavored chips

  • Proudest Accomplishment: My boys

  • Next Proudest Accomplishment: I throw the best parties

  • Does: Love Halloween

  • Doesn't: Care about any other holidays

  • Must Have: A black Jeep

  • True Story: I saw Stephen King once in the Cumberland Farms in Norway. I fangirled so hard that I couldn't even approach him. I regret that decision

  • Dream Job: Mega Rich Heiress

  • Little Known Fact: All of the art in my house was created by me



  • Occupation: Cookie Maker & Goofball Wrangler

  • Preoccupation: The next big project

  • Probably Shouldn't Have: So many projects

  • Proudest Accomplishment: My kid

  • Next Proudest Accomplishment: My biz

  • Non-Negotiable: Don't take away my coffee

  • Natural Habitat: Hilltops or ocean-side, preferably both (so, fjords)

  • Does: Talk to cats

  • Doesn't: Use a hairbrush

  • Former: Teacher, social worker, gardener

  • True Story: I used to review murders for a living

  • Dream Job: Barista in New Zealand



  • Occupation: Wholesale Coordinator, maker of frosting and pie dough

  • Preoccupation: Human rights

  • Probably Shouldn't Have: Social media accounts

  • Proudest Accomplishment: My daughter

  • Next Proudest Accomplishment: Surviving a 20-hour car ride with an active 5-year-old. Twice.

  • Non-negotiable: At least an hour of peace and quiet in the morning

  • Natural Habitat: The Blue Ridge Mountains/western Virginia

  • Does: Love music

  • Doesn't: Watch TV

  • Dream Job: Author

  • Little Known Fact: I've watched Call Me By Your Name more than 20 times. I'm not even embarrassed.



  • Occupation: Baker

  • Preoccupation: Etsy Shop Developer

  • Probably Shouldn't Have: Locked myself out...again

  • Weirdest Craving: Ketchup sandwiches

  • Proudest Accomplishment: My kiddos

  • Next Proudest Accomplishment: Switching my profession

  • Non-Negotiable: Daily laughter

  • Can't Say No To: Sarcasm

  • Natural Habitat: Maine (not New Jersey)

  • Must Have: Down time with my music and creative activities

  • True Story: Performed with Weird Al as a dancer

  • Favorite Food Indulgence: Guacamole